This site is on Vedic Astrology, also called Jyotish. Before you enter, there are some points worth knowing...

A Vedic-horoscope gives a different position of planets because it uses 'Sidereal zodiac', while Western Astrology uses 'Tropical zodiac'. Astronomy, or modern science, supports Sidereal Zodiac and identifies Tropical Zodiac incorrect. Since Astronomy has nothing to do with Astrology, and is recognized a science by everyone, there can be no doubt that their opinion is both factual and impartial. So, Vedic Astrology gives you the correct horoscope or birth chart.

Western Astrology tends to focus more on analyzing psychological traits, than life-events. Vedic Astrology is completely event-focussed. It tries to find out What is going to happen in your life than your personal traits. So, it is very easy to verify the validy of Vedic Astrology -

Does your Vedic chart explain the events which already happened in your past?

Most people think luck or fate to be something random, coincidental - but if you study your own Vedic chart and try to match it with your life - you will discover that there is a pattern or structure of the events which happened in your life. Thus you will realize for yourself that luck is not random, but very much planned by the divinity. In fact, it is something like a Master-plan.

I welcome you to the world of Vedic Astrology. Please explore its powerful features and I am sure that you would like to make it a valuable guide for the rest of your life. ENTER THE SITE